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A.B.D. News letter 2016 No 62

Hi guys it has been a very eventful week out here in camper land.

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Razer Deathadder Chrome Sensitivity on Linux

Silly little post and more an aide-memoire than anything, but recently I have been doing a bit of work on a VERY secure site, one that does not permit bluetooth of any form even for such things as mice, resulting in a quick pound down to PC World, after a squint down the rows of mice I realised that wired is really dead and there was none that I would not feel ashamed to use, dead that is apart from serious gaming, in that area there was a very pleasant and quality mouse in the form of the Razer deathadder chroma.

All was fine till I plugged the darn thing in and discovered its ultra sensitivity meant it was nearly uncontrollable and the normal UI sensitivity settings went nowhere near far enough down to make it usable, so back to command line we go.

So first lets get a list of the input devices on the system with:

xinput list

Now lets check this list for the first instance of “Razer Razer DeathAdder Chroma” in the pointers list and get its id number (in this case 12), then change its sensitivity as below, I find a value of 3 takes it down to the same level as a normal mouse

xinput set-prop 12 "Device Accel Constant Deceleration" 3

Terminal Screen Shot

There we go, a usable mouse.

MWLug 2016 Round-Up

So I’m back from my first mwlug jetlagged to hell and shattered, trying to answer the question that LDC Via always does after a paid conference “was it worth it”

For me the big revelation was the PSC presentation on migration strategy, not for the strategic partnership announcement with LDC Via which I of course knew about as I was there as LDC Via’s representative but for the “this is the truth of the world we live in, it is time to accept it” statement which has been an undercurrent of our yellow world for so long. This has lacked someone articulate enough to say it in a non IBM bashing way also Mr Head in one slide managed to sum up LDC Via’s position in the application structure better than the 4 tech that wrote it had managed in 2 years….

The Conference its self was excellent with some stunning content and very enjoyable from both a learning and a social angle, I could have done without the heat of Austin but the city its self is amazing and I can see why the residents are so proud of it.

The Session with Gab went well with a good attendance and no hecklers (security people can be weird), my individual session was the last of the day and thanks to the conference running a bit on the late side was not well attended (I went and checked if the attendance was as bad in the other sessions and it was), but EVERYBODY in the session ask questions and multiple people came up and thanked me again latter .. Weeeeeee

LDC Via was well received and people are starting to see what it can do and that is is not a threat either to IBM or to their jobs and ecosystem, more of a evolution of storage but I really should have brought more marketing stuff to give away :(

I also attended my first Penumbra meeting and ended up not doing hardly any of the full days work I had brought with me (I hate meetings) because the conversation was so interesting and engaging, I now understand why people join.

And thus the answer to the question at the beginning of the post is: “Yes, it was very much worth it”

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