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A serious review of Vaadin

UI frameworks come and go all the time with the javascript ones being the most popular ones of the moment, often backed by REST API in a alternative language, but that’s not the only way or even the best way, server side frameworks have their advantages (even if they sneared at by the hippsters) these include - workflow is allin one place not seperaated between front and back end - You only have to work

in a nutshell, if someone asked me for a sound byte on Vaadin I would say

Vaadin is like C++, incredibly powerful with few of the limits other frameworks have. but if written badly incomprehensible and harder to edit and update than to re-write.

Perhaps a bit of background

It does suffer from the same problem frameworks such as Spring have suffered from (thought hopefully not the same fate) in that, the developers get swept up in both the desire to add things to it come what may and that their view point on the world is the best, you can see loads of examples of it on the forums, when people wnat to do things and the staff reply in a puzzled way “but that would defeat the whole point of the framework”

  • Avoid all the specific framework containers such as Splitlayoutpanel they may be good for prototypling but they are horrably restritive and often mean tons of re work just when you could do without it, stick to CSSlayouts and control them with CSS

Conclusion: Vaddin is my favourite UI framework, it works in a way my brain likes and does security in a way I feel secure with, BUT I know I don’t use it in the way it is meant to be used

A.B.D. News letter 2014 No 42

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A.B.D. News letter 2014 No 41

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