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A.B.D. News letter 2014 No 36

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Mad Friends and Colleagues

My friends and colleagues are strange STRANGE people, but I love them

sillybugger1 [9:55 AM] I like your style, starting your new world order with vegetables

sillybugger2 [9:56 AM] Dibs on beetroot. And parsnips

sillybugger3 [9:56 AM] sigh.. he were go again…

the beetroot must be shared . you can however have the fennel

sillybugger2 [9:56 AM] Very well

sillybugger2 [9:56 AM] Neeps? Tatties?

sillybugger3 [9:56 AM] also celeriac

sillybugger4 [9:56 AM] The celery can fuck right off.

sillybugger2 [9:56 AM] Oh yes. Celeriac

sillybugger5 [9:57 AM] as long as I get the roast spuds I’ll be happy

sillybugger2 [9:57 AM] Come to papa

sillybugger3 [9:57 AM] we will be keeping tomatoes.. shut up sillybugger1

sillybugger2 [9:57 AM] And celery

sillybugger4 [9:57 AM] Chard. All mine.

sillybugger6 [9:57 AM] if you take the tomatoes the greeks will invade

sillybugger2 [9:57 AM] You’re welcome to it

sillybugger3 [9:57 AM] ooh .. yes you can have “chard” i will have rainbow chard

sillybugger3 [9:57 AM] ha!

sillybugger2 [9:57 AM] grabs all the horseradish and mushrooms

sillybugger3 [9:57 AM] damn.. grabs onions

sillybugger4 [9:57 AM] Carrots. Got ‘em.

sillybugger5 [9:57 AM] Broccoli here thanks

sillybugger2 [9:58 AM] shuffles towards the pak choi and smuggles out the garlic

sillybugger3 [9:58 AM] including spring onions and garlic

slackbot [9:58 AM] BOING!!!!!

sillybugger2 [9:58 AM] ^^ :smile:

sillybugger3 [9:58 AM] spring!

slackbot [9:58 AM] BOING!!!!!

sillybugger3 [9:58 AM] :grinning:

sillybugger2 [9:58 AM] eyes up the savoy cabbage

sillybugger3 [9:59 AM] grabs the savoy cabbage and the greens whilst sillybugger2 is making up his mind

sillybugger2 [9:59 AM] bugger

sillybugger2 [9:59 AM] ram-raids the sugarsnap peas aisle and grabs mange tout for good measure

sillybugger3 [9:59 AM] throws artichokes at him as a distraction

sillybugger2 [9:59 AM] catches them gratefully

sillybugger5 [9:59 AM] ooh I almost forgot the peppers

sillybugger3 [9:59 AM] grabs green beans and fresh peas

sillybugger6 [9:59 AM] we get the baked beans!!

sillybugger3 [9:59 AM] damn!

sillybugger4 [9:59 AM] stuffs the cauliflower up his shirt and backs towards the door

sillybugger3 [9:59 AM] pulses.. i had no idea we were divvying pulses

sillybugger2 [10:00 AM] Oh we’re on to legumes and grains now are we?

sillybugger3 [10:00 AM] grabs chickpeas

sillybugger2 [10:00 AM] Shit!

sillybugger3 [10:00 AM] ha!

sillybugger4 [10:00 AM] The puy lentils are mine, all mine.

sillybugger2 [10:00 AM] grabs kidney beans for the chilli

sillybugger6 [10:00 AM] Sooooooyyyyyaaaaaa!!

sillybugger2 [10:00 AM] GRABS CHILLIS

sillybugger2 [10:00 AM] GRABS GINGER

sillybugger2 [10:00 AM] laughs triumphantly with the lemongrass

sillybugger4 [10:00 AM] grabs the pancetta. That is a vegetable, right?

sillybugger6 [10:00 AM] ginger slaps sillybugger2 ‘s hands, and goes back to Fred

sillybugger2 [10:01 AM] slow clap

sillybugger2 [10:02 AM] peppers the sillybugger6 with maltesers

sillybugger1 [10:02 AM] After the dust of battle settles there is nothing but a huge pile of coleslaw

…..go out in the midday sun

A.B.D. News letter 2014 No 35

Late posting this, catching back up

click to download the Adventure before Dementia pdf newsletter.

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