At last an admin we can all hate

As a half admin/half dev i always like to take the other persons point of view (which is even a good view for life), but this bloke takes the biscuit and in fact has made my and a number of other peoples life hell, this gentle man is the head of the, and his view of spam is draconian by even the most deranged point of view, if he catches a spammer on a ISP network, he blacklists all IP address on that network, ALL IP’S!!!, WTF!!,
It turns out that someone who is hosted by, has performed a “misc” offence against his spamming rules, and now all my domains have been black listed because i have the affrontory to share the same hosting provider as them, to add to this you cant request your ip address to be removed like other blacklists (there is rumours that you can with cash but i don’t have anything other than forum notes to substantiate this), and there are no contact details on the site (have to get them from whois), thankfully not many Spam agencies use his company, but enough for me to get complaints,

I thought i must be going daft but a quick goggling shows that i am by no means alone, so if you are an admin, please stop using this loonies black list (quite a lot of the black list monitors don’t even list his sites as they are classed and “unreliable and unreasonable”, but as a crowning example i give this in which he has used his position as a black list controller to black list the whole ip range of a magazine company (all associated and innocent companies included {some 127 publications}) who have phoned him up twice in 6 months to sell him their magazine.

There are levels in the fight against Spam, people, you don’t nuke a town to get one killer, you don’t ban an ISP to get one spammer.

Dirty Treachery and Notes Linux Beta 2

Being the dirty traitor i am, i have spent the day coding ASP web sites (Microsoft Visual Developer 2008 free version), i know, i know, but yah got to earn a living, i have to say that Microsoft basic methodology and layout style have not changed (its been 3 years since i last did .Net stuff), and quite frankly that’s a good thing, im reskinning someone else’s site, so i don’t get to take advantage of the famous Microsoft wizards, but one thing i have noticed, Microsoft development environment still throws the same hissy fit when you step out the box and start fiddling, it is however very very polished and give you a good reminder of why it so popular.

Nearer home, the Domino Beta 2 client on Linux has improved in both speed and functions (we now have spell checker back, along with some strange graphical glitches), Soooo want the Dev client.

UKLUG the Good and the bad

Well UKlug has finished and i really enjoyed it, learnt a lot and took home some great things, but to put it all in bullet points

1) Some real big guns there and some fantastic speakers
2) Very well organised and venue was perfect.
3) Very good vendor turn out and we went away with a couple of them we will use.
4) Cutting edge (well as far as notes can be).

1) I completely screwed up my session (very poor proof reading, under ran, projector was max 640×480, which was to low for my content but i had not thought to check before, overly nervy), though got more people coming up to me afterwards for thanks, questions and requests than the last one (perhaps it was out of pity)
2) I think that keeping a big gun talk for last session, would stop people like me slopping of to the pub and staying there on a warm Friday afternoon.

1) Faced the double edge sword of London being the venue, on the plus side its very easy for a lot of people to get too and so the official
attendance is high, but on the down side, people don’t commit to it and so drop out as work finds it easy to cancel/call back people, but what can you do about that

Another 2 windows app down

Another 2 Windows apps bite the dust and i shuffle over to linux, this time its windows remote control, down to rdesktop,
It has lots of nice and expected options, i use the following in a taskbar icon


the “-0” is the same as “/console”

And also “super cat” down to “Removable media catalog management”, does what it says on the tin, no further details needed (i use if for keeping a list of the files i have on my NAS)

Frightening Conversation Number 1

You ‘re there writing a web site and behind you, you hear your dearest say “If you wanted to kill someone and get rid of the body, Argos has every thing you would want, flat pack incinerators and power tools at very reasonable prices, They even have a patio extension with built in hand rail to cover the crime scene”,

I’m sleeping in the toilet tonight!!!

Down to earth with a bump

so you think you can get all smug, and know your stuff but it turns out the you are only ever scratching the surface no matter how much your learn, take me for example i use eclipse and do most of my proper code in java rather than lotus script, all of my desktops are Linux (admittedly i still have a vmware image), so i decided to work with a college on a serious project, Linux/Jboss/Spring/Domino 8.5 all the latest stuff, total CV frenzy, and do it in the most hard core form, now I’m looking at a RedHat server command line with no GUI in sight, and a bunch of build files!!

So it not imposable but it certainly gonna take a bit more time, perhaps i’ll skip the rest of tonight and go watch tank police (feel the power that they got)

Domino vs WebSphere

Ok, before i start, this is not a political entry, i don’t care about fan boys or purists, I’m just a contractor earning a living hopefully without the users shouting at me too much, so on that basis lets begin:

For some time Domino has been a dirty word, i don’t know why, perhaps MS did a good job of blackening it during the 90’s exchange wars, or people don’t like the look and feel, i just don’t know, i do know that when you mention it in a lot of corporate environments in the context of making a new app, the room is suddenly filled with frowning managers and someone mutters the word ‘Legacy’, on the flip side if you build the app and thanks to domino its working, secuire and in in record time, for little extra cost, no one minds, thus is the nature of the corporates.

Now one of my major clients is building a monster new app and they are using the following

Java 1.5
Ant 1.7.1
Spring Framework 2.5.5
Spring Facelets 2.0.3
Spring Webflow 2.0.3
Spring Javascript (Dojo) 2.0.3
Hibernate 3
Websphere 6.1

All very nice and sexy, but no domino, i was asked which of the list could be provided by domino i came up with this

Java 1.5 (in Domino 8.0+)
Ant 1.7.1 (packaged no, not really, we use .ntf’s)
Spring Framework 2.5.5 (Sure)
Spring Facelets 2.0.3 (A version of JSF is in Xpages i think)
Spring Webflow 2.0.3 (Dont Know)
Spring Javascript (Dojo) 2.0.3 (yup, and built in in version 8.5)
Hibernate 3 (yup)
Websphere 6.1 (use domino)

looking at it I’m quite pleased, domino seems to be keeping up nicely, then i have another think, is IBM just trying to keep domino up to date? or are we back to the year 2000~ times when domino was going to be a websphere bolt on sooner or later and they are just doing it an a gentle way this time, baseless rumor, and ultimately pointless from my point of view, as IT’ers we cycle our skill sets every 2 years, but one thing i know, the next year is gonna be a fab one for learning new stuff regardless of if your a domino fan boy or a Websphere Conny and in the end we will all be code Gods.

What is love

its opening up a pack of sandwiches and realising that they have been made for you fresh that morning, cut into triangles and even placed cross wise to look nice, its realising that you are sitting there in clean clothes that were wash and ironed (even the socks were paired) by someone else for no other reason than they wanted to.

by the way “guilt is” realising that you have done nothing to deserve this (fk fk f**k!!)

P.S. there are other things that i class as love as well, but other people seem to class them as variously “get a room”, “arrrgh my eyes” and “WTF, im calling the police”

4 tips

1) You’ve just upgraded your windows domino server to the latest and greatest version, but for what ever reason, you have bounced it before running domino, when it comes back up it just sits and hangs at “applying windows setting”, after staring at the screen stupidly for about 15 Min’s, you realise domino is stuck at the “do you wish to update you system databases designs” prompt, but you cant get at the screen, you cant click yes as windows is waiting for the service to completely start, solution, map a drive to you D$ (or what ever) from another machine, yes you can do that!!, rename the notes.ini file, and reboot, windows will throw up a service error, sulk for 2 Min’s then let you in, rename your ini file back and load your domino server, sweet!,

2) So you have an ill web app server, that needs a bounce or 2 during the business day, you or the Dev’s are working on the fix but it will take a day or two (or more if its hardware related), how do lessen the impact on the users, simple!, use sso (single sign on), its dead easy to set up (look it up in the admin nsf) and if the server crashes, when you bring it back up the user does not have to re-login to get back to where they were (often they just blame the pause on the Internet/proxy and you get to escape blame all together. Ray!!!!)

3) Linux full screen apps suck balls on your ubuntu machine (VMware, MAME etc), you always seem to get menus and stuff appearing at the top an bottom, and they flicker and come and go as they please, well weep no more, turn off the “visual Effects” (System –> Preferences –> Appearance, last tab), and get back to enjoying samurai showdown VI (and of course VMWARE) in glorious 256 colour full screen.

4) It doesn’t matter how bad your diarrhea is, always check that there is toilet paper before you sit down on the bowl.