4 tips

1) You’ve just upgraded your windows domino server to the latest and greatest version, but for what ever reason, you have bounced it before running domino, when it comes back up it just sits and hangs at “applying windows setting”, after staring at the screen stupidly for about 15 Min’s, you realise domino is stuck at the “do you wish to update you system databases designs” prompt, but you cant get at the screen, you cant click yes as windows is waiting for the service to completely start, solution, map a drive to you D$ (or what ever) from another machine, yes you can do that!!, rename the notes.ini file, and reboot, windows will throw up a service error, sulk for 2 Min’s then let you in, rename your ini file back and load your domino server, sweet!,

2) So you have an ill web app server, that needs a bounce or 2 during the business day, you or the Dev’s are working on the fix but it will take a day or two (or more if its hardware related), how do lessen the impact on the users, simple!, use sso (single sign on), its dead easy to set up (look it up in the admin nsf) and if the server crashes, when you bring it back up the user does not have to re-login to get back to where they were (often they just blame the pause on the Internet/proxy and you get to escape blame all together. Ray!!!!)

3) Linux full screen apps suck balls on your ubuntu machine (VMware, MAME etc), you always seem to get menus and stuff appearing at the top an bottom, and they flicker and come and go as they please, well weep no more, turn off the “visual Effects” (System –> Preferences –> Appearance, last tab), and get back to enjoying samurai showdown VI (and of course VMWARE) in glorious 256 colour full screen.

4) It doesn’t matter how bad your diarrhea is, always check that there is toilet paper before you sit down on the bowl.

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