Domino vs WebSphere

Ok, before i start, this is not a political entry, i don’t care about fan boys or purists, I’m just a contractor earning a living hopefully without the users shouting at me too much, so on that basis lets begin:

For some time Domino has been a dirty word, i don’t know why, perhaps MS did a good job of blackening it during the 90’s exchange wars, or people don’t like the look and feel, i just don’t know, i do know that when you mention it in a lot of corporate environments in the context of making a new app, the room is suddenly filled with frowning managers and someone mutters the word ‘Legacy’, on the flip side if you build the app and thanks to domino its working, secuire and in in record time, for little extra cost, no one minds, thus is the nature of the corporates.

Now one of my major clients is building a monster new app and they are using the following

Java 1.5
Ant 1.7.1
Spring Framework 2.5.5
Spring Facelets 2.0.3
Spring Webflow 2.0.3
Spring Javascript (Dojo) 2.0.3
Hibernate 3
Websphere 6.1

All very nice and sexy, but no domino, i was asked which of the list could be provided by domino i came up with this

Java 1.5 (in Domino 8.0+)
Ant 1.7.1 (packaged no, not really, we use .ntf’s)
Spring Framework 2.5.5 (Sure)
Spring Facelets 2.0.3 (A version of JSF is in Xpages i think)
Spring Webflow 2.0.3 (Dont Know)
Spring Javascript (Dojo) 2.0.3 (yup, and built in in version 8.5)
Hibernate 3 (yup)
Websphere 6.1 (use domino)

looking at it I’m quite pleased, domino seems to be keeping up nicely, then i have another think, is IBM just trying to keep domino up to date? or are we back to the year 2000~ times when domino was going to be a websphere bolt on sooner or later and they are just doing it an a gentle way this time, baseless rumor, and ultimately pointless from my point of view, as IT’ers we cycle our skill sets every 2 years, but one thing i know, the next year is gonna be a fab one for learning new stuff regardless of if your a domino fan boy or a Websphere Conny and in the end we will all be code Gods.

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