UKLUG the Good and the bad

Well UKlug has finished and i really enjoyed it, learnt a lot and took home some great things, but to put it all in bullet points

1) Some real big guns there and some fantastic speakers
2) Very well organised and venue was perfect.
3) Very good vendor turn out and we went away with a couple of them we will use.
4) Cutting edge (well as far as notes can be).

1) I completely screwed up my session (very poor proof reading, under ran, projector was max 640×480, which was to low for my content but i had not thought to check before, overly nervy), though got more people coming up to me afterwards for thanks, questions and requests than the last one (perhaps it was out of pity)
2) I think that keeping a big gun talk for last session, would stop people like me slopping of to the pub and staying there on a warm Friday afternoon.

1) Faced the double edge sword of London being the venue, on the plus side its very easy for a lot of people to get too and so the official
attendance is high, but on the down side, people don’t commit to it and so drop out as work finds it easy to cancel/call back people, but what can you do about that

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