At last an admin we can all hate

As a half admin/half dev i always like to take the other persons point of view (which is even a good view for life), but this bloke takes the biscuit and in fact has made my and a number of other peoples life hell, this gentle man is the head of the, and his view of spam is draconian by even the most deranged point of view, if he catches a spammer on a ISP network, he blacklists all IP address on that network, ALL IP’S!!!, WTF!!,
It turns out that someone who is hosted by, has performed a “misc” offence against his spamming rules, and now all my domains have been black listed because i have the affrontory to share the same hosting provider as them, to add to this you cant request your ip address to be removed like other blacklists (there is rumours that you can with cash but i don’t have anything other than forum notes to substantiate this), and there are no contact details on the site (have to get them from whois), thankfully not many Spam agencies use his company, but enough for me to get complaints,

I thought i must be going daft but a quick goggling shows that i am by no means alone, so if you are an admin, please stop using this loonies black list (quite a lot of the black list monitors don’t even list his sites as they are classed and “unreliable and unreasonable”, but as a crowning example i give this in which he has used his position as a black list controller to black list the whole ip range of a magazine company (all associated and innocent companies included {some 127 publications}) who have phoned him up twice in 6 months to sell him their magazine.

There are levels in the fight against Spam, people, you don’t nuke a town to get one killer, you don’t ban an ISP to get one spammer.

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