Lucky Devil

I’ve just had the most amazing bit of news, I have been asked to go an booth babe at LotusSphere, i cant believe it!!!, as there was no way i could have afforded it otherwise, now is just have to give the impression that i know what I’m doing (grin), the plus side for this blog is that i have to keep up a steady stream of useful entries so its/I’m not an embarrassment, ahhh well, roll on Jan the 17th, (happy dance)

Even more good news comes in the form of the London Developer Co-op, which im doing with Matt White, Ben Poole, Rob Wills, and a few others (who have not got round to giving me their profiles the lazy sods), strange as it may seem i reckon the credit crunch is the right time to do something like this, to give big consultancy quality of service but built up of small consultancy parts to give a small consultancy price.

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