Cognos Domino Integration Code

Some of you may have heard of Cognos (version 8), its one of IBM’s business planning bits of software that always get managers more excited than is good for an English gentleman, but for the rest of us it means one thing, reports… wo wo woohhhh, stay!!!, don’t shut down the site yet, i know you have had it up to your nostril hairs with reports but that’s not what I’m on about, I’m just going to share the pain (and eventual joy), of getting it all working in domino, so that your managers/clients can get reports off a congnos server cleanly and see them in domino, through one web service port. so here we go.

firstly, cognos is a chunk of java working on an apache box, regardless of the fact you might think its working on IIS, its reached by port 9300 (by default),

I know this sounds dumb, but I’m just going to stuff the code in with a heap load of comments in it, the reason for this is i spend ages searching the net for help with cognos stuff and other than cognoses own HEAVILY protected site (cor! don’t they want you to hire a congnos consultant), there’s is only one free support site, so i want to make it as google friendly as possible., also this code depends on you having the cognos SDK (which as far as I’m aware costs about $10000), I’m pretty sure that if i put the necessary cognos jar files from the SDK up here i would be sued to within an inch of my life, but in case you have it they are: axisCognosClient.jar, cognos-axis.jar, cognosClient.jar, axisReportNetClient.jar) anyway, click on the attachment link to get the code (its too long to just paste into blogshpere)

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