Proof that my colleagues and I need a holiday (and to not be fixing 100 problems at once)

The names of the innocent have been removed:

Ben Poole … Special: – you must LISTEN 😀
Ben Poole … this will explain my documentation…
Mark Myers … nothing explains your documentation
Ben Poole … No no, this WILL
Ben Poole … Shout if you need the lyrics.
Ben Poole … cough
Mark Myers … question?
Ben Poole … answer
Mark Myers … your wife and children?, do they live in fear of the night?
Ben Poole … it’s the best way to control them
Mark Myers … Address: Bens family, Hidding under the strairs in terror, No XX, South london, england
Ben Poole … 😀
Ben Poole … No, I fill their lives with joy. Like the song says:
Mark Myers … your not working at home tomorrow because of a holiday, your at home because its the “time of the change”
Ben Poole … don’t be ridiculous
Ben Poole … It’s not a full moon tomorrow
Mark Myers … quite right, this weekend is the sacred green jelly sabbath
Ben Poole … no, this weekend is when I’m in Elveden forest
Ben Poole … I shall be frolicing naked as the day I was born with the Suffolk elves
Ben Poole … Probably singing the monkey song
Mark Myers … you know the phrase allways worried me “naked as the day I was born” what happens if you were born wearing a hazmat suit,
Ben Poole … Well then “naked as the day i was born” would mean “not that naked”
Ben Poole … i.e., wearing a hazmat suit
Ben Poole … quite simple really
Mark Myers … ah ha, so you admit the crime of hazmat suit breeding!!
Ben Poole … I admit nothing
Ben Poole … I have nothing to declare except my genius
Ben Poole … as the saying goes
Mark Myers … So, nothing to declare then?
Ben Poole … shyte, walked into that one
Mark Myers … its the wood elves they poison your mind, switch to the side of the pizies (they have dental)
Ben Poole … Ah, but sharp teeth: a real no-no with mischievous woodland creatures, esp. if you’re in the habit of dancing in the buff with them

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