help for anyone wanting a good pair of headphones

Now i would not have blogged on this but i have been advised to do so, i had a long suffering pair of giant Sennheiser headphones which i loved, however due to me treading on them and the fact they are a legacy from a former person in my life, i really wanted a new pair for xmas, the love of my life tried a couple of companies but they both failed her miserably, so with time running out i did a quick google search, up came, a clean easy website with very clear postal descriptions and times (somewhat important in the run up to xmas), but also a prominent 0800 advice phone number (note to the US reader that a 0800 number is toll free in the UK), thinking i had nothing to waste trying it, i phoned them up, i was quickly answered by a bloke whom i explained my problem to and said i needed a replacement to my old “280’s”, he immediately knew what i was talking about, and presented me with a number of choices and which would be best for which circumstances (including money saving tips on based on performance rather than looks), after the most pleasant 5 minutes of informative customer service i can remember, i told my love what he advised and she dully ordered them from him, they arrived dead on time (even after some credit card fun due to the normal address joys caused by the bank)…the headphones have turned out perfect

People talk a lot about customer service, and competent staff, but its only after you experience them done properly, that you realise everyone else is being rubbish.

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