Domino TCP IP out of memory and netstat-B

ok this is a quick one, if you are getting that fun fun fun error message of “The TCP/IP protocol stack reported that it ran out of memory. Consult your network documentation to increase configured memory, or reduce Notes connections by limiting clients (see SERVER_MAXSESSIONS parameter in Notes Admin Guide”, and you have run out of options or are pretty sure its not your domino server,

try “netstat -B” (on Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003 SP1), it shows the exe’s that are making the connections on the box, what you are looking for is a load of connections that don’t come from any notes related task (you will need a few pages of the same one/two to have any effect), you can then pipe this out to a file, hold it up high and hunt down the swine’s responsible for upsetting your server

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