Fancy Dress Party

Thankfully in the up and down that is my strange excuse for a life, there are some ups to counteract the downs caused by D.V. (don’t ask), one up is being persuaded (and by persuaded i mean “do you want to go?”, “hell yess!”) to go to the grand international cos play ball,

now for those who have not had the happy introduction into cosplay its just fancy dress that has 2 basic themes, Japanese animation, and odd fashion such as Gothic Lolita,as complete anime freaks, the love of my live and i went as characters from said cartoons, much as i would like to show you pictures of my lady who went as Yuko from XXXHolic i like my heart in my chest and not ripped out and pulsing in someone else’s palm as a warning to those who post pictures of their girlfriends without permission., so you’ll just have to make do with me.

Heres the character i went as he’s called Gaara

and heres my version of him (but with a double chin apparently)

The hardest part was the gourd he wears on his back, it took over 2 weeks of nightly work, and i have to say I’m as smug with it as a good bit of ajax

An amazing time was had by all, one of the advantage of these kind of themed nights, is that ice breaking is dead easy, as you can always ask about/admire someone’s costume and start any conversation there which is normally much harder to do in a ordinary night club. and the fact the dress code is so strict means the number of assholes/trouble starter in the club are very very small.

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