Day 1 Lotusphere

I feel like i have wandered in to a club for big game hunters, its more fanatical than a star trek convention, I’m sure if a tattooist opened up in the product showcase floor, he would make a killing.

today has consisted of discovering the following

1) Mind blown with all the new stuff, had to take a quiet hour to get all i wanted to do in order in my mind (and on paper)
2) Cognos are actually here in person so I’m going hunting them this week
3) Selling Ideajam is not going to be hard as it is not only amazing but now award wining (its notes porn)
4) Got contact names for the foundation stuff i want
5) There is tons of sessions i want to go to, having to be VERY picky

Please forgive me for leaving you now as there are free drinks and a beach with my name on it. (hmmm must sort out the parties for the rest of the week)

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