15 things i learnt while at my first lotusphere 2009

1) If Bill Buchan is ever in the audience for a session, sit next to him, its hilarious
2) Lotusphere attendees are called bumblebees (when you see them its obvious)
3) Learn the name of the common meeting places.. Quickly!
4) Talk to EVERYONE (they are all nice, friendly and geeky)
5) Be nice to the vendors, they have to stand up for days on end and its bloody hard work, especially in stilettos (next year I’ll wear flats)
6) My girlfriend writes the hottest emails EVER!! (I’m not standing up in the retunder for about 10 mins)
7) A taxi between the swan/dolphin hotel and the new Orleans ones costs about $15
8) Your love of any creamed vegetables can become an addition (espesh creamed spinach at ‘tubbies’)
9) When they put the bottled drinks out in the vendor area grab them quick (the Disney buggers take them away really soon)
10) Disney have no idea what a dolphin looks like
11) Party like its 1999, don’t just go back to your hotel room at the end of the sessions (all the Cool Geek people go out)
12) All free booze is wine or beer, if you don’t like either, make provision!!!!
13) At least 20% of the people here are clever than you, learn from them!!!.
14) When your stealing freebies of the stalls talk to the vendors (you might learn something and they will think their freebies are working)
15) somewhere in the Disney resort there is a wireless network administrator that has committed suicide! for what you have done to the “lotusphere” wireless lan.

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