Can I justify Lotusphere

So, I’m back in the UK after my first lotusphere looking at my credit card bill, lost earnings for the week and twittering about if i will be in trouble at my major client on Monday, what are the ups to counter act these downs?

1) I got access to the Lotus devs/Big boys and got them to listen to my Cognos problem, and they TOOK NOTICE!!
2) I got to work with Bruce Elgort, Gayle Elgort, Matt White (again) and Kitty Elsmore, a top bunch of people, very professional and very very tolerant.
3) I learnt Loads and loads and Loads (and Loads)
3) The amazing boys at Ytria have offered me a copy of their software which includes, the completely indispensable scanEZ (a bit of software that i would sell my left kidney to have)
4) I got to be a part of the IdeaJam phenomenon (and access to the indecently beautiful code).
5) Made a S**t load of contacts all of them with fun people who are smarter than me.
6) I got to go drinking with “Wild Bill” (and lived)
7) I had my photo taken with sponge bob.

Now do all these, offset the cost in this financial climate?…. well Yes quite frankly they do, even if i was a permy and also had to pay for it my self, yes!!, i WILL be going next year

(but i WILL be booking early to keep the cost down, ICK!!).

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