Eclipse Eclipse everywhere and nere a bit of common sense

Now look you software makers, its all very well saying “built on eclipse”, but i now have 3 completely separate instances of eclipse (Notes 8.5, Myeclipse and Flex3) on my machine and none of them seem to be talking to each other (I’ve even just opened them up all at once to see if there was a glimmer of recognition between them, I KNOW you can check for such thinks during an install because vmware workstation DOES for its debugger, I’m not asking for perfect integration, but come on party people, standard platform is nice, but COMMON standard platform would be better, all you have to do is ask “do you have an existing eclipse workspace you wish to install to”. (mutters and trundles off to see if he can glue them together because most of the players don’t seem to like you just switching to a common workspace, there must be an article to be written in getting these to all work)….end of rant

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