Fighting Fantasy and Lone Wolf Books

After a chance meeting in a second hand book store, I’m suffering from a return to childhood on Fighting Fantasy books (ah the joys of ebay), and while rolling in this happy and cheap glut of thrills (although some of the ‘supposed’ rare ones are proving tricky to get hold of), I remembered their main competitor the lone wolf series, after a quick search it turns out that the author Joe Denver has given them all away to the Aon Project so that we can all enjoy them for free (a very nice act on his behalf), but even better is the fact that these books are now back in print at mongoose publishing but instead of the scabby paperback form we remember (and even the new reprints of the fighting fantasy are in) they are amazing stitched hardbacks with colour and all mod cons (sort of like what the folio society does but for role play books) mine arrived last night and the are beautiful …only one problem, i could not bring my self to write in the old ones (you were supposed to), and to even consider to do so in these ones is quite frankly a sin

….some how i need to get a set of these to my son (my own fantasy adventure!!)

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