Flex tutorials without the pain

For those of us looking at Adobe flex as an additional arrow in our quiver, you might have seen that adobe does an excellent 44 part video training called “Flex in a week”, the training is excellent, the fact they say you have to use their windows only “Adobe media player” is less so, im not going to go into the many things that vex me about this bit of software but it is definitely not “S.S.C.” (you’ll have to ask me if you want to know what i mean by that), however it turns out you don’t need it, just open up http://sessions.adobe.com/FlexInAWeek/feed.xml and down load all the reasonably named .FLV files, and watch them using VLC or what ever media player rocks your boat

….why do people try to ruin a good idea by telling you how to use it.

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