Fencing and the return to fitness

I cant exactly call it a return to fitness as i hurt from my bones outwards and have blisters in all the places where i used to have fencing callouses, but i have had 2 squash sessions this week and one fencing lesson, proper fencing tomorrow and on Friday another squash game (or at least a gym)

I at least feel as I’m making some progress (nearly made it through the lesson with Steve without whimpering like a baby)


Places that hurt:4 (Back, knees, left hand, right foot)

Fencing Status:
1) Being an embarrassment in any fencing hall (X)
2) Being fit enough not to cry ()
3) Being fit enough to go to a comp (
4) Returning to the status of “Oh bloody hell I’ve got to fight Myers” ()
5) Learnt to Fence properly (

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