A decent domino calendar on the web

We all know that Domino should been good at calendar apps but sucks balls in reality, so i quietly poo’ed my self when a manger says “could we have something a bit like google calendar”, however flex comes to my rescue, now i cant claim any of this is mine its just gluing other people work together so first take Quietly Scheming’s Calendar UPDATE: the app is much newer than the blog posting would indicate, as it keeps being updated
sexy isent it?, now this takes an ical format as its data source, which in case anyone was wondering is just a vcalander file with some extra bits stuffed in (which we wont need), so to get to that data source, enter Jake Howlett’s excellent series of articles, in particular Flex with Domino Quick start, go pinch his example database for the ‘simple view’ stuff, you will want to butcher that to output your data as a ical text file (the download for Quietly Schemings flex apps has examples of what they should look like in the “data” directory of the zip file.),

One snag here is that the Adobe parser for icals is REALLY picky, there must be no extra white space in your file, and every line must finish with a proper Carriage return and a proper line feed (i ended up with computed text of “@Char(13)” at the end of every line in the view template and “@Char(13)+ @Char(10)” after every field in the view, so be careful, but other than that it works like a charm!!, and my manager thinks im a coding god (well he doesn’t because he knows me, but never mind)

there you go, if this dosent make sense just put a comment and i will explain more

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