Auto Update to Ubuntu 9.04

Just a quick note to the people out there taking advantage of the one click update from Ubuntu 8.10 to 9.04, make sure you don’t have “auto logon” enabled, if you do, you stand a huge chance of happily screwing up your install (you will get lots of permission denied errors against /dev/null when you launch a xsession, even if your ctrl-Alt-F1 in and reset the security to “666” from “600” the darn thing resets on reboot (and anyway you just get a blank screen even if you get it (ie by ctrl-Alt-f7) to get back to xsession login,

….so careful careful party people

.. P.S. to the Mac boys out there laughing, i rebuilt in 14 mins (after backup), and i did not have to go to a “genius bar” to fix my problem…so RASSSSSSP!!

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