Flex Spell checker

In these day of firefox’s built in spell checker, why do we need an extra spell checker, well frankly for me its because Flex does not have one built in, enter

Spelling Plus by http://gskinner.com

Its the best spell checker i have found for flex, you do have to remember to manually ‘refresh’ the checker with code if you change text boxes via back end code (not the apps fault), but otherwise an excellent checker, and one I’m very happy with (be warned its not free)

Doom Triple Pack

At first sight this is just 3 cool games that run in flash silvergames games doom triple pack, for the young uns out there, the three games it lets you play “DOOM, Hexen and Heretic” were once top flight games (in the land of the 386/486), but now the are free bees that compress into a 10meg swf file (just download the page, then run the doom-triple-pack.swf on the stand alone flash player if you want to play off line), all very nice but after a few mins playing you start to think, “how the hell did one bloke do this as a hobby project” the answer lies with Adobe Alchemy a beta adobe project “that allows users to compile C and C++ code that is targeted to run on the open source ActionScript Virtual Machine (AVM2).” ie reuse lots and lots of existing C and C++ code, HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!

Book Recommendation

A top book to read/listen to is “the Graveyard book” by Neal Gaimen, recommended by me by my far better half, not only is Mr Gaimen his usual inventivate self but as normal his books manage to be exciting and interesting without being socially stressful, to top this Mr Gaimen does is own narration on audio books, this sets him apart from a lot of modern authors ( Douglas Adams and Spike Milligan both did there own narration) it also helps that he is very very good at it.