The different types of domino development

RAD – The official name for domino development

RABID – Domino development with a insanely demanding project manager and when devs have designer access to live

RANCID – When you have to fix/update databases that MS Access level programmers have written to make their CV look better i.e “i wrote a custom HR solution”

REWARDING – Then you can produce a great solution using domino in half the time it would take using something else, PARTICULARLY if some daft a**e is playing silly political B***ox and saying domino is ‘legacy’

RED-EYE – when a project manager sells a RABID solution as RAD and you have one night to save the world (or Domino’s name is mud)

REALISTIC – When domino developers start writing in JAVA,Flex,Hibernate on Jboss to keep their jobs.

Back to fencing comps (end of week 2 and 3) – 34 days to go

Real life has attacked my fencing preparation, so little to report

First Monday
Good Game of Squash

First Tuesday
Even better Game of Squash (although my squash partner badly damaged his wrist hitting me with his squash racket, which put him out for a couple of weeks)

Second Friday
2k rowing (as level 10 in 8mins) – Fail (1.5K)
10 mins punch bag – Fail (6 mins just)
10 mins Stepper (at level 13 speed) – Fail (level 6 speed)
10 mins undetermined!! – PASS (stretched out properly and press-ups and sit ups done )

All other days Scruff ALLLLLL

however Steve is now back, so i have a lesson booked for this coming week!!


Eclipse search on XP

This is a REAL old one, but as so many of us corporate developers are still on xp its worth the mention, I was trying to do the same as Ben Poole is doing here with mac stuff, to get over the terriable seach features in eclipse, but on windows alas the same feature does not search the contents of ‘unknown’ file types ie .Java (mutter Microsoft mutter), you fix this as follows (providing you have SP2 installed):

  1. Click Start, and then click Search (or point to Search, and then click For Files or Folders).
  2. Click Change preferences, and then click With Indexing Service (for faster local searches).
  3. Click Change Indexing Service Settings (Advanced). Note that you do not have to turn on the Index service.
  4. On the toolbar, click Show/Hide Console Tree.
  5. In the left pane, right-click Indexing Service on Local Machine, and then click Properties.
  6. On the Generation tab, click to select the Index files with unknown extensions check box, and then click OK.
  7. Close the Indexing Service console.Now the search will stop being such an as and will search the contents of Java files.
    turns out on more modern eclipse instances you get the same with the ‘Search’ –> ‘File’ Option, hmmmmm did i miss that coming in??

Back to fencing comps (end of week 1) – 48 days to go

For the next month haverstock is only open one a week and Steve is on holiday, so trying to make up with other items

2k rowing (as level 10 in 8mins) – Pass
10 mins punch bag – Fail (5 mins just)
10 mins Stepper (at level 13 speed) – Fail (level 5 speed)
10 mins undetermined!! – Fail (10 ball situps and some calf stretches)

2k rowing (as level 10 in 8mins) – Pass (now have blisters)
10 mins punch bag – Fail (both bags in use and only managed 4 mins on the arm rower)
10 mins Stepper (at level 13 speed) – Fail (Level 6 speed)
2 x 5 mins on the matts!! – Pass

Wednesday (starting to hurt)
Squash – OK game, broke squash racket
Fencing – um went drinking with the lotus boys (hangs head in shame)

Thursday (really in pain )
Used up lunch hour at physio, turns out i had 1 completely locked vertebra, 2 muscle locked vertebrae and 20% loss of movement in left arm (and i thought i was just unfit)

Hurt everywhere from phiso!!!, hide at my desk


2k rowing (as level 10 in 8mins) – Fail (1K)
10 mins punch bag – Fail (5 Mins)
10 mins Stepper (at level 13 speed) – FAIL FAIL FAIL
10 mins on the matts!! – PASS (15 mins)

2 x 14 ball sit ups
2 x 14 pressups
stretch out (calf, lunges)