The different types of domino development

RAD – The official name for domino development

RABID – Domino development with a insanely demanding project manager and when devs have designer access to live

RANCID – When you have to fix/update databases that MS Access level programmers have written to make their CV look better i.e “i wrote a custom HR solution”

REWARDING – Then you can produce a great solution using domino in half the time it would take using something else, PARTICULARLY if some daft a**e is playing silly political B***ox and saying domino is ‘legacy’

RED-EYE – when a project manager sells a RABID solution as RAD and you have one night to save the world (or Domino’s name is mud)

REALISTIC – When domino developers start writing in JAVA,Flex,Hibernate on Jboss to keep their jobs.

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