A Quick update

Its been ages since i posted, so a quick update for thoese few readers i have that don’t have to put up with my “mutant goat” antics on a daily personal basis, and might have been wondered if my sole social media interaction is deranged twitter conversations with Mr Poole


1) Work is at an amazing level of learning, last week i realised i was sitting in Myeclipse, working on a webservice client/middleware interface that is using hibernate via JPA against MS SQL and DB2, to a Local test Jboss server running an app with Spring elements that updates a custom interface on AS400, the client will run on Redhat Linux 64bit (the other part sadly being normally on Windows 2003), it was built using ANT scripts, and im testing it using JUnit, while my my boss is asking me for updates on a Flex 3 client facing app, and this for someone who a year ago spend most of his time in domino designer.

2) LDC is got its first proper maintenance client, its a slow start admittedly but the system is working, and we hope its the start of more to come.

3) Personal life is a strange mix of extremes with the under control and perfectly happy at one end and the deranged and misery causing at the other, but I’m trying to take a karmic view of it and quite frankly even if the bad bits are worse that i feel i deserve, so are the good bits. 🙂

Will put some proper entries on here soon, but clients and the UKlug talk I’m doing with Mr Poole come first

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