UKLUG 2 days of awesomeness

Well, i cant believe the last few days, they have been great from start to finished, from the perfect setting, to the company, to the content, all has been top notch. if you did not make it, TRY HARDER NEXT TIME!!. Everywhere i looked there were people to talk to, things to learn, Questions being answered, Vodka being drunk.

High points (Personal)

Maureen Leland’s session on domino designer, to get such straight answers from a person in the know was a breath of fresh air, and made us all very confident that the future is in good hands (can we all say domino Designer as plug in to Eclipse).

Mary Beth Raven coming up and getting my better half’s name right (i bet there’s no random .Net developer/bloger who can say the same of the head of Visual Studio design).

Opening a package to discover that all speakers had a little Lego model of them selves (happy grin).

Ben and My Session went ok, but should have gone better, will have to try harder next time, grrrrrr, giving out caffeine as your presentation gift is definitely the way to go

Bob P firmly re-confirmed him self as not only a “man of the community” (sound of stickfight being sick) but also as a real person not a fake corporate suit, i realise that sounds sickafantic, but tough, ive only encountered a few good high level managers and anyone who will demand the straight deal off Bill Buchan (a man not known for his shy and retiring nature) at 1am is not your normal corporate drone.

The conference its self felt like the “totally deniable lotusphere”, a place where you could say the things that we officially wrong but practically right.

There were traumatic moments, such as when a senior IBM person pointed at me and said “so YOUR stickfight!!!”, making me nearly dive out the back window.

Finally and most importantly a massive and grovelling thank you to Warren, Kitty, the sponsors and organisers, it reminds me of a chilli i ate this week “good shit, well made”,

Well that’s it, i think, im off to book my lotusSphere hotel before the spell wears off and i lose my unreasonable belief that lotus is going to turn it all around and we are gona be great again.

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