Hair Shirt Project Part1

Inspired by this cartoon by KXCD i have determined to get the MIMO UM-740 working properly on linux on both 9.10 (the newest version at time of writing) and the current Long term support version 8.04

Its not gonna be easy, no one seems to have done it fully, as it is a DisplayLink driven monitor, with touchscreen, web cam and USB mic, but hey-ho that the joy of linux (or as Matt White says “that linux is crap”), i not going to do a full write-up to its all done, but will point out sights along the way.

First step is the monitor, this uses Display link which quite frankly is an abomination as far as drivers go.

Thankfully following most of the instructions shown here for a similar item, we have the driver working (this can be told by the screen flashing green on login) and the monitor being used by the frame buffer, this was only necessary on the 8.04 computer the 9.10 sees to already have the display link drivers built in.

Next stop an xsession 🙂

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