Sometimes I miss Domino Designer

NOTE: Java people if your having SQL JPA TIMESTAMP issues skip to the end im just having a rant first.

People give Domino and Domino Designer a hard time because some of its components are not the latest release (say Java or dojo), we tut and say things like “this makes domino look old” etc etc

Well suck it up party people, because they do it to stop you having the kind of problem i had a couple of days ago,

Like most of us notes people now, i am really trying to use eclipse as my IDE, more specifically i use MyEclipse, which is bloody marvellous, now i also use the Adobe FLEX plug in for Eclipse, but due to compatibility issues, i have to use MyEclipse v6.6 because the FLEX 3 plug in wont install on a more modern version.

All is huncky dory and fine (let’s face it im not the worlds most advanced Java developer), but roll forward to one of the latest projects, a FLEX front end onto JBoss webservices and Business logic (well that’s what my client calls it), then on to MS SQL in the back-end, I’m connecting to the SQL box via JPA on hibernate (i will do a couple of articles on that soon, but its not bad at all),

but I’m having a beggar of a time with the time section of date/time data, it put it into flex, web service it up, then save it to the SQL db and the time is always coming out 00:00:00…grrrrrrrr, now given Java’s history of naffness on the old date/time front and the fact that this code is got both US and UK dates in it i assume it down to my crud code…..several hours pass with much swearing (and the occasional chuckle from the evil Poole )

Then i find this it turns out that when you use the JPA reverse engineering wizard on a Microsoft data base with a column type of DATETIME it only returns DATE…..oh C***, its fixed in version 7, happily i have 2 versions of MyEclipse installed, so i go into the new one (7.5), do the reverse generation, then copy the code via CVS back into my 6.6 one…and it all suddenly works, but.. what.. a.. pain.

So next time you grumble at notes IDE not being all cutting edge, maybe they have just saved you from sheding some tears (and blood)..

JAVA People: so basically if you using JPA Wizards on MS SQL server on MyEclipse versions older than 7.0GA, Tough!!!, manual hack or upgrade

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