why IBM why

Now I’m not a big ranter at IBM (after all it has helped me keep bread on my children’s table these many years), but this small thing is simply totally stupid!

As a flex developer, I was well aware of ILOG and their famous Elixir product that has some of the best Visualisation stuff (Gantt charts, Dials etc) that you can get, but I did not have a project I could justify buying it with, but suddenly I had one which I could use the calendar element for, so off I go to the companies website credit card in hand, only to discover that IBM have purchased them, “cool” I go, “better integration with domino etc etc, now where’s the ‘buy now’ button?, it used to be around here?”,

Colour me surprised, but its gone!!, replaced with the stock IBM “We’re here to help”, if you click on the “Request a Quote” you are submitted to the normal questionnaire, that basically says “we only care about big corporations that we can fleece”, I cant even find out how much it costs anymore as the “pricing information” link does not give you any information of the prices (or in fact any prices at all)

“but wait!” I hear you cry, ILOG used to be a small company, so its easy for them to do small sales, its different for big companies, well fair enough, I wonder if there is a small company still selling the product on line, and their is, their name is ADOBE (Ooooooo Tiny!!)

Mine got!! there is a price

When I click on this link I’m taken to a normal e-commerce site, with purchase options, licence types, and a variety of payment methods (including even paypal), nice and easy to use and not hard to do

come on IBM sort it out, your embarrassing us here!!!!!


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