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This is terribly late, but I needed to just blog it before lotusphere. Earlier this year the Poole and myself presented at UKlug, my part of the presentation was a way of doing a few thing that we take for granted in the notes client but done on the web with flex, this included Formula validation, design information and private views

The only complex part was the private/virtual views, which while not hugely fast still gave us private views back in a easy way (it builds documents that flex then renders back as views), and permits full use of formulas, variable columns, column titles and does not require view or full text indexes

You can see it in action here (for some reason the source server it on is being REALLY REALLY slow at the moment and as the demo app was designed to be pre-loaded for a demo its load time sucks anyway, just wait till you see the “$$viewField” appear in the dropdown). there are already 2 prebuilt views.


However this is more of a ‘take it apart and see how it works’ thing so the flex source code is here and the whole app is here also Mr Poole’s code can be found here

You may wonder why the column and view selection formula is built so clumsily, well partly it is to give an excuse to show the formula validation, but mainly its because a perfect formula builder already exists, by Jake Howlett which can be found here

Oh. Next week I will be skulking at stand 622 at Lotusphere, where i will be fighting a hangover and writing an air app so you can have Elguji’s ‘Jam’ products on your desktop (well actually i was supposed to have already written it, however I’m a work shy sod, but bruce has forgiven me out of the kindness of his soul), so drop by and if you feel like a bit of free flex/air/webservices how-to. 🙂

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