New book from Steve Crug

As a designer I am well aware that I suck, I am one of the people responsible for Scott Good’s quote of “The worst applications that people use are the ones they use at work” (from his Lotusphere session “BP202-There’s no fixing ugly How to make a great first impression with your applications” an amazing session which left me ashamed of my sub standard design work but determined to do better).

My bible to this end is Steve Crugs book “Don’t make me think” or as I like to call it “Amazon got it right”, a truly fabulous book (my one is dog-eared having been passed round colleges and even family), this morning much to my excitement i discovered he has published a new book called

Rocket Surgery Made Easy:The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Finding and Fixing Usability Problems“,

I purchased a pdf version and ploughed into it.

This one has the same easy feel and readability of his first book, but for me has a slightly different target audience, its one of those books that you place meaningfully on a project managers desk, or read your self, but not to actually use just to have the tools to hand to fight the good fight and guide your wayward manager/user base when they skimp on testing, it also shows you what to do with any test results you might get (chapter 10 “debriefing 101” is a particular gem which I intend to print out and take to the next meeting in which we “address functional issues” / “listen to the users bitching”), with plenty of pertinent FAQ’s, it can flicked through for a quick fix, or read cover to cover with out falling asleep (rare for any IT based book), very much recommended.

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