The Writing is on the wall (The initial conclusion)

As a contractor you know in the back of your mind that nothing can last, but humans tend to prefer a warm fluffy feeling and try to forget this fact, however my largest client has taken on a large outsourced company (its pretty much a run of the mill outsourcing, nothing that reflects badly on the company, I’m presuming its being done so that someone somewhere gets a tidier company org chart as in the long term it sure as hell is not going to save them money, i heard the phrase “strategic partnership” and thats never a good sign), unsurprisingly said company has moved to ‘acquisitive’ mode as soon as they had their foot in the door (to be fair they would be daft if they did not), this means that i suspect that time is limited (hence the countdown timer on the side of this page).

I however have more time (hopefully) to cater to this movement than lots of other people do in similar situations, and my CV is nearly as i would want it, but it could do with a bit more shinning, will therefore be trying to get the following down pat in the next few months, even if I’m wrong such a exercise wont do any harm at all.

Need to get a grip on
Granite Dataservices
Flex 4
get better at Xpages (compared to my other domino dev, i suck)
get better at Jquery (i use it but don’t UNDERSTAND it)
get better at Spring (i have practical knowledge but would suck at a formal interview)
Adobe illustrator (im ok in a “its C.A.D in colour” way, but want it for the flex 4 skinning and chibi images which means i need to be better)

Time Permiting
Android dev
Adobe Air

Its a lot of work but i have 160 days, now i just have to stop working for clients all the time so i have time to learn something (mixed blessing)

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