local JBoss on VPN

If your running JBoss or another Java server locally and you occasionally get the error

java.net.SocketException: IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP failed (out of hardware filters?)

and suddenly nothing works, ie you cant reach your local server anymore via http, you may have found that it nearly always goes away after a reboot, but sometimes not, if you have a repeat offender for this and your are on a corporate VPN, then that may be your problem, if your VPN is set to “route all traffic through gateway”*, ‘all traffic’ often means even local (, if you cant disable the setting, then the only work around i have found until now is to start your server with the VPN client disconnected, then connect once you are running (or if you have data-sources or mbeans, wait till they attempt to reach the database, then connect)

sad little tip for Easter Sunday, but it cant be helped

* This setting is found on checkpoint VPN-1 for windows, by going to the status tray when its not connected, and ‘right click’ –> ‘Settings’ , then on the ‘Connections’ tab, select your profile, and click the ‘properties’ button, then go to the ‘Advanced’ tab, it is the checkbox at the bottom.

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