Jonvon’s Post

Jonvon’s excellent post can be found here, it deals amazingly with an issue that has been troubling domino developers for a number of years,

Personally I adopt a slightly lighter view on the whole subject, I have not been a true Domino developer (in the classic sense) for a couple of years now, I have just been a web app developer who uses Domino a lot, the idea of being specific to one brand or platform does not really bother me, I just use what ever the client has installed or what ever best solves the problem, I know and develop on Jboss but I do not consider my self to be a Jboss developer, so many of us are so used to domino providing all we need that we forget that it is just a bunch of tools glued together, it is a server, it is a DB platform, its a programing environment, use what you need where you need it, play to the strengths, bypass the weaknesses, hopefully Domino wont die like that, it will just evolve (cause its presence in a project wont be all or nothing).

Domino will live on, on my CV as long as I can get work and deliver to my clients with it, and quite frankly it contains the best and friendliest bunch of people that i have found in any online community.

P.S. the reason that this post does not appear on planet lotus as I don’t want to be seen to be piggy backing on Jonvon’s far superior post, but I’m just having a private(ish) vent.

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