If I didn’t have domino

In a hypothetical world, if IBM shut Domino down tomorrow and I had to instantly swap to another platform to do my Domino dev work utilizing my existing skills/mind set (that would let me deliver stunning apps and keep me in a job) what would I pick?

Front End: Flex (and degrade to HTML5)
Back End Core Language: JAVA (under SpringSource)
Back End Server: Jboss
Storage: MYSQL for traditional storage for corporate clients, Amazon Simple DB (with S3 for Binary storage) for Document centric Applications
Security: Spring security Module
Communication: Blaze DS (for AMF as it hellish fast), degrade to Web services

I’ve used Microsoft stuff (i used to program in Access for heavens sake), and its very polished and simple, but I’ve been bitten too many times by being stuck with the proprietary side of it and the sudden steepness of the learning curve when you want to do something different (which always seems to hit during a tight deadline).

P.S. Cor!! doesn’t it take a lot to reproduce domino

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