Tip to stop identify theft

I’ve just been got by some little t**ds for identiy theft, initially this was embarrassing as I do security for part of my living, however this one was one i had not considered, and i suspect most of you wont have either, if goes like this:

If you only use the internet for communications with a mobile company (which quite frankly is what they would prefer), then the password on your account for customer services by phone is BLANK, the sub-humans only need your name, address, date of birth and they are in with full rights and can set the password!!, thankfully the customer services person i got through to at t-mobile, had their head screwed on, and recognised the unusual account behaviour, so all sorted, but a cautionary tale to all us ‘internet only’ bods, ignore traditional security at your peril, now off you go and set-up passwords on all your stuff that can be got to via phone!!

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