Multi notes clients on the same machine

I would have considered this tip a bit old school but as there still seems to be a huge number of us using XP in one way or another it might be worth a mention.

Like many of us I use multiple versions of Notes on my machine at the same time (7.0.3 for speed, 8.0.2 for clients server compatibility , 8.5.1 for preferred development), for a good and complete blog on this see Tony Austins blog post ,however i dislike the hacking around needed to get the change buttons to be enabled when you are installing the second/third version, I recently discovered, Windows Install Clean up which you can just run to remove the install information for lotus notes without removing the installation its self, this enables you to treat each installation a fresh which i think is far easier, As Microsoft has recently retired it, i thought i would just keep a copy hosted here in case anyone needed it

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