Fitness Week 19-21

As the heat still blazes down on our delicate and youthful forms (we are under no circumstances sweating like pigs and running like camels) the great battle continues

First person to win 250 squash games
Kieran: 48 Games
Mark: 77 Games
(1 point head start on a game for every 10 games the other person is ahead)
(we also play by “you have to WIN a game, genuine mistakes on game points are ‘let’ “)

The strategy to beat Mr Green and his superior skill and shots has now finally been established, I have to wear outfits that are garish and in such poor taste that they hurt his eyes, and wear my fencing glove so i can hit the squash ball twice as hard (no slip grip), he in turn has worked out that he can run me into the floor then clean up on the later games, hmmmm

First person to loose 2 stone
Kieran ( Initially 15 Stone, 8 pounds) : 14′ 10″
Mark ( Initially 16 Stone, 8 pounds) : 16′ 7″

oh just go away, I’m just going to start fencing again, bugger this food lark (and that is after receiving some excellent advice by a fellow blogger), the only plus notes was that while by BMI is 28 my fat is 25%, so i have a normal (high end) fat percentage, so if i understand it right that means that i have a higher than average muscle content (keep dreaming, keep dreaming)

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