ViewEz saved me from hours of boring work

At one of my clients we are currently revamping a large notes db to work with a new back end (java via web services), during that period of quiet that comes between PT and UAT the idea of getting some performance improvements done raised its head, as the db was 13 gig, 11gig of which were view indexes the starting place seemed ovious, but with 343 views to look at, it seemed it was going to be a dull old time, initially we did the traditional “Admin Client” –> Files Tab, select database, right hand “Database” tab –> “Manage Views”, which shows you the size of all the view indexes, this told us the worst offenders which we could pick off, but still, it would be nice to cure nearly all the bad bits quickly and easily, enter viewEZ

update: Peter from Ytria has also writen a blog entry on this subject which you can read Here as an alternative (and probably a better way) end update

There are lots of things that are considered “best avoided” on views, this is a nice article with good links but we were aiming squarely at the following:

a) Look up views with re-sort click-ables at the top
b) Any already sorted column, that has click-ables for the same order, eg. a column that is ordered to ascending, but with a re-sort set to “both” rather than “descending”
c) Views with too many categorised columns (threshold of 4)


1) select your db, click viewEZ

2) Just click all the views and select the “Columns” button

3) ensure Options –> Display –> re-sort is ticked

You can see all of the views in the database and their columns spread out scrolling left to right, with icons showing you pertinent info (whether its hidden or sorted etc etc), now, look at the following picture, see the left hand view, we don’t want any re-sorts in a look up view, because no one is ever going to click them, so select a box that contains “Re-sort = XXXX “, right click and select “column properties” you will see the normal sort of options you would expect for a column in the notes designer, we will set the re-sort to “none”, click “apply” and move on to the next column, it should be noted that you don’t have to shut down the properties box you can just click on the next column which is a nice touch and greatly speeds up the whole process.

following this method we quick removed all of the unessasery view sorts, and even found the views with excessive categorised columns, such as this one

343 views checked and 7 gig in view indexes saved, in about a hour,

nuff said…………

Disclaimer: I get a free copy of ViewEZ from Ytria as part their agreement with LDC, but I had it before then anyway. oh and i did this on ViewEZ 8.5 but I know they are up to 9.13 by now so there might be even more fancy stuff in there.

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