Future Mouse Review

My future mouse arrived last week from http://www.futuremouse.com/, and has spent this week being used as a travel mouse on trains and a replacement mouse for my tracker ball at work, on all counts it has passed with flying colours, if you treat is as a pen it feels natural to use and needs no learning curve, i did discover a slight cramping in my hand after using it all day, mind you I get that with a normal pen. it possesses it own rechargeable battery and its tiny usb transmitter that doubles as a magnetic dock and charging point ( 30secs charge = 1 hour use, 90mins charge = 2-4 weeks use). One of the most gratefully received features is the complete lack of software to install, advanced features such as reorientation of ‘up’ and setting the “only work when being held” are set via button combinations and watching the LEDS, for a Linux user who constantly misses out on the advanced features for consumer level products this is very very welcome. the mouse manages to squeeze in a full size and silent scroll wheel which is joy to use, it also comes with a stick on mouse pad for the bottom of you laptop but which seems mainly designed for the Mac or other laptops whos touch pads are not depressed, so I’m not using that, in a real life test i found I could share a GNER train table with another laptop user with no problems despite the laptops being only inches away, but for a travel mouse (and an expensive one at that), its strange it does not come with a little sleeve or draw bag to be carried in, (i ended up using the one that is supplied for the tips on the power money explorer).

-Tiny (and i mean really tiny)
-Light (its hard to believe there is a 4 week rechargeable battery in there
-Excellent build quality
-Works in very small spaces
-Truly OS agnostic

-No travel pouch
-The transmitter/receiver does not clip securely into the mouse (yes you can attach it to the charge point but it always comes off when banged round in my bag)
-Expensive (but good values for money)

I am very pleased with the mouse, and it really does everything it says on the tin, and even if it does not replace my logitech trackman as my main pointer, it beats the hell out of the track pad, and turns “Oh F**K I have forgotten my mouse” to “Oh i have the spare mouse in my pack”.

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