MyEclipse for spring 8.6 and good customer service

For those of us who use the rather pleasant MyEclipse IDE (a commercial version of the Eclipse IDE as recommended by Matt White) and in particular “MyEclipse for Spring” we all have been waiting for their 8.6 update to take a look at the new MVC scaffolding feature which gives a comparable feature set to Spring Roo (basically giving the auto code generating and framework building that i remember people calling RAD, but without requiring a dedicated platform such as Domino),.

Anyway I installed the update which promptly broke my IDE in a major way, with it refusing to start and giving a

java.lang.RuntimeException: No application id has been found

error, which in the end turned out to be caused by my flash builder 4 plug-in, ah!, a bit of fiddling and i got it working again, but still it was not a happy ferret, so i just rolled back the VMWare image it lives on and continued as normal,

why is this noteworthy?

Well as i have had such success the powermonkey lot I thought a quick tweet to @skywaysoftware, would do no harm, quick as a flash I got a request from them for the error message and if possible the log, i sent the error message, and within a few hours the following link was sent to me: here, the full text is below

“For those with MyEclipse for Spring 8.5 who have the Adobe Flash Builder plug-in installed, there is an issue when upgrading to MyEclipse for Spring 8.6 that will prevent the IDE from restarting. It can be both avoided (and corrected) by removing the from the dropins folder.

If you are upgrading, remove the file before starting ME4S, then perform the 8.5 to 8.6 upgrade. After that is complete, shut down ME4S, re-add the Adobe file, and restart.

If you have upgraded and ME4S won’t start, remove the Adobe drop-in, start ME4S, then stop and re-add the drop-in.”

A nice useable work round, while they sort the problem out, and one that works,it didn’t cost them much and kept me as a loyal customer,


Now I’m up and going again, prepare for a review of MVC scaffolding Vs Spring Roo Vs Traditional Rad (in a few days).

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