Going to ILUG and taking my better half

I will be going to ILUG in November and so will my wife, along with @HughsterRooster wife, @mattwhite girlfriend, and many other better half’s

why is this?, are they keeping an eye on us?…Nope!

Is it because ILUG is in a memorable historical location that has tons to do and try?, is it because of the advantages room rates?, or the fact its basically a holiday location?…nope Nope NOPE!!

Its because the best people in the lotus world will be there and its not a “conference” in the old fashioned sense, yes there are amazing speakers, tons to learn, corporate sponsors, stuff to take back to your client/employer, the chance of free beer and me trying to force grain alcohol down your throat while ranting at you but its not TOO geeky and very defiantly not too corporate. humans are welcome.

And that’s the point, its not a thing to get a “pass” to, its a thing to treat your family to while getting tons out of for your self, my main client wont pay for it, and I don’t care, on the flight back I will sit back, brain and belly full with a clear conscience.

ILUG, its not going to be a guilty pleasure, its going to be pure pleasure.

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