Logitech wireless trackball M570 review

As a long time user as the Logitech range of thumb controlled tracker balls (10+ years), it was with great relief when I heard they were bringing it up-to-date, as you can see they have kept it nearly the same (thank goodness), with the same feel and responsiveness , but there are some differences

  • Slightly shorter (this made my thumb ache a tiny bit after the first hour, then it was fine)
  • scroll wheel quieter
  • 2 extra buttons for back and forward browsingIt uses the new Logitech tiny unified receiver dongles which is small enough to just leave plugged in

    The marble is the same size but if you swap with an old one, the movement becomes slightly jerky (daft but I had to try)

    looking underneath we find that Logitech have increased the number of sticky pads, we will see if they stay stuck to the bottom and not slide off ( a minor flaw with the versions 2 & 3 ), the battery compartment (which they say will last for 18Months) and also a slot for the receiver (a nice touch)

    oh, one thing, the marketing blurb on the box says “a different kind of comfort, A different kind of control” errrr lads you have had the same design for over 10 years, there is nothing different about it, however that’s its best point, you got it right all that time ago, and this is a very good evolution and keeps me as a loyal customer, well done Logitech.

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Devin(23/03/2011 23:47:43 GMT)

I’ve been using this particular <a href={ Link } trackball</a> for about 5 months and couldn’t be happier with it. No problems at all. The only nitpick I have is the scroll wheel seems really noisy and rough, but so far so good.

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