Prepping for Lotusphere 2011 ten things – Part 1

This is my third lotusphere and the first one where im paying for every last bit myself, no freebe ticket for both babeing this year, im also there as part of LDC, so I am going to squeese every drops worth of value from the trip, but just like the rest of the comunity stuff we do, you have to put in the effort yourself to get value out, to this end i compiled a list of tasks to do before, before during and after lotusphere, anyone going to join me?

10 things to learn/do before you go there.

1) Ensure you have a LotusLive account and have had a good look around.

2) Ensure you have the latest version of Notes installed, and have played with its new features.

3) Subscribe to the podcasts, and keep up-to-date. (DONE)

4) Make a list of questions you want answered, get your pet peeves in a row, so you can voice them to Lotus in person.

5) Sign up to a cloud service and TRULY understand what “cloud” is rather than just the hype. (DONE)

6a) If you’re an admin, have the latest version of Domino installed on the most up-to-date OS it supports.

6d) If you’re a developer, ensure that you have the latest version of Eclipse installed and set up correctly. (DONE)

7) Learn about the competitors: get accounts with at least two direct Notes competitors (, Google apps, a free Sharepoint account) and explore their features.

8) Learn about the symbiotic Notes products, play with at least two of these (Sametime, Quickr, Connections, etc.). Can these be of value to you, do you need to find out more from a guru when you have them to hand?

9) Tell your clients and ask your boss whether there’s anything THEY want to know. Get them involved: what do your clients / boss want in the next 12 months?

10) Get your business card printed.

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Mitch Cohen(10/12/2010 02:03:09 GMT)

Some good ideas….. See you in Orlando

Mark Myers(10/12/2010 09:21:56 GMT)

cool, yup see you there!

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