The BBC model B computer and lesson in life

When I was but a nipper my parents bought me a BBC computer, which became unpopular in the market place within hours of me receiving it (every one else had Amiga, or Atari or what ever), since then I was a mite paranoid of being on a loosing side, and felt like jumping ship as soon as some twit says that something is ‘dead’ , thankfully I have since met good and sane(ish) people, who have taught me otherwise, I am not a domino developer, a flex developer, a Java developer, a web developer, a domino admin, an exchange admin, a 3rd line server support, a storage specialist, these are just roles, I am just a tech, I do the job my clients want in the way I think will bring them the most long term gain and waste the least money

I have few strong opinions (except when it comes to happy hardcore, energy drinks and dark perversion), but peoples big dramatic gestures are one of them, they make no sense in a career path such as IT where you cycle your skill set every 2 years or less, there is no need to say anything is dead, or beat the old chest or unleash attack kittens, just be good at what you do, enjoy it and keep as up to date at time allows

I love domino (the fact I’m paying to go to Lotusphere out of my own pocket I feel is proof enough), and it has paid the bills in a lot of ways for a lot of my working life, but I’m not going to pass up a job just because it does not have domino in it, and you know what, that attitude has helped me bring more life to domino that you could imagine, as each none domino project gives me extra skills I can glue back on the strange Swiss army nice we call Lotus Notes. 🙂

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