Sharing a room at Lotusphere

Going to Lotusphere is not a cheap experience and in this current climate even less so, it makes sense to share a room, last year I shared with that wretch/neat freak/best man at my wedding, Ben Poole, alas the evil devil is not going this year, so I started asking around to find an alternative room mate, naturally I asked my colleges at LDC first and got the answers “good luck with that” and “id rather fly cattle class”, thanks guys..really….. thanks

So I ask further afield and thus enters a slightly grubby white night in the form of Bill Buchan who is happy to share a room to me, I’m honoured to accept, its like being asked to go for a quick horse ride with Genghis Kahn, fab brill, cool… what do you mean he snores, it cant be that loud….. seismic!!….. what has seismic got to do with snoring…… Oh…… great… I’m sharing a room with the greatest lotus party animal ever who also provides his own nocturnal drum and base, base beat

I’m packing plenty of happy hardcore and enough caffeine to give me a seizure, its going to be a good lotusphere

in Matt Whites defence I did ask for a quote

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Brett H(27/12/2010 20:01:52 GMT)

The secret is coffee, strong and lots of it. Not for you but for your noisy nocturnal room mate. Give it to him, he’ll still be awake while you drift off to peaceful oblivion. Then when he finally dozes off and starts sawing logs you won’t notice ’cause you’ll already be asleep!

Duffbert(27/12/2010 01:57:41 GMT)

I suppose you could attempt to turn it to your advantage and see if you can get an ear plug company to sponsor part of your trip… 🙂

Mark Myers(29/12/2010 10:16:50 GMT)

@kevin i am starting to feel that the only solution is to get Bill to drink so much each night that he never makes it to the room, right im off to find the whisky tanker, i may have bitten off more than i can handle Emoticon

Mark Myers(27/12/2010 20:33:13 GMT)

@brett i will try your suggestion, but there are few chemicals that effect bill, i have heard that a line of coke 12 feet long made can make him “kind’a chipper”

Bill(27/12/2010 02:06:23 GMT)

In your colleagues defence, when they found out, they did all roll their eyes and ask me about my mental heath.

But apparently, you just nest on the floor, which might at least get you out of the direct line of the snoring.

Mr Mooney threw his room at me. Mr McD also snored, rubbed his feet and sang in his sleep (Einstein a-go-go), and latterly Mr Coates also employed ear defenders to great advantage.

I’ve shared with some of the most violent people in the bubble and survived – which only attests to the thickness of my skin and the shortness of the blades they tried to use Emoticon

Look on the bright side. We’ll have a fully stocked bar. Not, I hasten to add, a Mini-bar…

—* Bill

Nils(27/12/2010 12:35:06 GMT)

Another option is to stay at the Disney’s All Star Sports Resort. I did that a couple of years, the room is just 85$ , and the buses bring you to the SWan in no time at all.

Kevin Pettitt(28/12/2010 15:42:42 GMT)

A very good pair of unobtrusive (i.e. you don’t feel them when you roll over) earphones and the Android app “Relax and Sleep” would be my recommendations. Plays all kinds of white noise and nature combinations to drown out the “ambient” noises. If those earphones are noise canceling all the better.

Disclaimer: I have only experienced Bill’s snoring from the floor below behind a closed door, so it’s possible these defenses will be insufficient in closer proximity. Emoticon

Bil(27/12/2010 02:23:56 GMT)

@Duff, let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

I recall the rather palatial Casa Mooney, where you kept the entire house awake with your snoring. Mine didn’t even form a harmonic backing to your earth shattering patella fluttering!

—* Bill

Vitor Pereira(27/12/2010 10:02:51 GMT)

Well, having both of you in the same room will definitely make things easier for Disney security Emoticon

Chris Miller(27/12/2010 16:56:15 GMT)

As a recent victim of sharing a room with Bill, I am still recovering from shock and awe. Both in forms of audio and visual Emoticon

Mark Myers(27/12/2010 12:51:50 GMT)

@nils yeah I did that the first year, and missed soo much that was going on that i swore not to do it again, the missing stuff might change if what i have heard about IBM putting their staff in the all-star this year is true, but a lot of my best mates are in the swan/dolphin

Mark Myers(27/12/2010 11:11:50 GMT)

@Bill, I am really looking forward it, nesting is the correct way to occupy ANY room, it allows for easy defence in case of wolf (or even 3 wolf t-shirt) attack

@victor, we are getting the social outcast discount room rate from Disney

@Duff I was rather hoping a whiskey or vodka company would sponsor it Emoticon

Mark Myers(27/12/2010 17:09:05 GMT)

@chris oh now your adding a visual element to it, am I going to need eye bleach?

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