Pre Lotusphere freebie 2011

Yes I know its STILL a ASW title, but there is a new freebie.
This lotusphere is The London Developer Co-op’s second official outing, and while we are not on a stall we are sponsoring (with others) the UK Night, and continuing with giving out T-shirts, this year there will be a design for each day, and you can get them by collaring Matt White, Julian Woodward or myself, as normal there are limited numbers, so grab them no matter how hung over and grumpy we might look

This years designs (20 odd in all) held all sorts of ideas, including the one that has found the higher calling with Bruce Elgort, but as LDC’s resident deviants Ben and I could not resist continuing a side theme of violence and ‘safe for work’ porn, with the same disclaimer*
here are 3 of them converted for wallpapers, enjoy


*if you like them, then all of LDC’s work will provide you with the same joy and satisfaction, if you don’t, then Matt promises not to let me near your projects and assures you that the rest of LDC are people of skill and dignity

Old Comments

Mark Myers(17/01/2011 21:49:19 GMT)

3X t-shirts, check, being an pimp for a naughty nurse, check….heeeey!!!

Mark Myers(17/01/2011 16:25:10 GMT)

xl wasn’t it?, ill hold one for you!

Stuart McIntyre(17/01/2011 15:28:44 GMT)


Pedro Quaresma(19/01/2011 13:09:31 GMT)

Can we get different sizes… and more wallpapers of course!

Paul Calhoun(17/01/2011 18:51:16 GMT)

If you have some for the “larger” community I would love to advertise for LDC (3x)


Roy Rumaner(17/01/2011 16:14:20 GMT)

I already have my shirt from last year in the pile to be packed to wear at this year’s show. Now I have to make sure to get the new one to match

Mark Myers(20/01/2011 00:36:54 GMT)

what sizes would you like?, and more will come during lotusphere

Andrew Magerman(17/01/2011 20:12:57 GMT)


You wouldn’t happen to have the phone number of that nurse?
I am feeling faint.

Prepping for Lotusphere 2011 ten things -Part 2

I was going to blog 10 things to do at lotusphere but frankly the best guide for lotusphere is here at Andy’s House O’ Blog, so am going to find and shake the hands of at least 10 types of people instead, these will include:

1) A Community Leader e.g. Bruce Elgort / Paul Moony / Warren Elsmore

2) A Xpage Guru e.g. Matt white / Steve Castledine / Tim Clark / Tim Tripcony / David Leedy

3) A founder e.g. “The Turtle” / Ben Langhinrichs

4) A symphony Guru e.g. John Head / Paul Bastide

5) A Party Animal e.g. Bill Buchan / “the Bob”

6) A First Timer (also introduce this person to one someone else)

7) A Java Guru e.g. Mikkel Heisterberg / Julian Robichaux / Bob Balaban (if he was going)

8) A Celebraty e.g Ed Brill / Vowe

9) A Connections Guru e.g. Clayton Coleman / Chris Lamb

10) A Blogger (who you actually read) and make a comment on at least one thing they have written

Old Comments

Mark Myers(05/01/2011 09:29:15 GMT)

@craig good call

Mark Myers(05/01/2011 15:23:16 GMT)

@Bill, ha!!!, your mild == everyone else’s wild

Craig Wiseman(04/01/2011 22:54:54 GMT)

11?) Find Ed Brill, Maureen Leland, Mary Beth Raven, Darren Adams, Susan Bulloch, Steve Castledine, Andre Guirard or any of the other wonderful IBMers and tell ’em thanks for fighting the good fight!

Bill(05/01/2011 13:36:24 GMT)

Me ? Party Animal ? Those days are gone..

—* Mild Bill

Barry(06/02/2011 01:18:04 GMT)

I was #6 (Met at dinner @ Flying Fish)

Adobe Air App browsers install Gotchers

This is just an aide memoire and google search for people implementing the adobe air browser api for doing browser based installation and communication with already installed apps, the custom version I started with is found Here

I’m just putting some keywords in to help people find it ( getApplicationVersion installApplication launchApplication badge adobe Air)

The 3 gotchas (and by gotchas, I mean things that you have to KNOW as they don’t produce sensible errors or ways of you telling whats going on if you get them wrong) are:

1) The flash app that your talking to your air app with must be at least 217 wide by 180 high, this is for the adobe air install dialog box, get this wrong and nothing installs but you get no error message.

2) <allowBrowserInvocation>true</allowBrowserInvocation> must be set in your air “*-app.xml” file, get this wrong and your Air app simply does not respond.

3) All of the air browser commands must be triggered from a direct user interaction, in a function called by a button or your init() function = OK, in a call back function from something like “getApplicationVersion” or a web service = Nope, get this wrong and your functions such as “launchApplication” are just ignored.

…nuff said