Adobe Air App browsers install Gotchers

This is just an aide memoire and google search for people implementing the adobe air browser api for doing browser based installation and communication with already installed apps, the custom version I started with is found Here

I’m just putting some keywords in to help people find it ( getApplicationVersion installApplication launchApplication badge adobe Air)

The 3 gotchas (and by gotchas, I mean things that you have to KNOW as they don’t produce sensible errors or ways of you telling whats going on if you get them wrong) are:

1) The flash app that your talking to your air app with must be at least 217 wide by 180 high, this is for the adobe air install dialog box, get this wrong and nothing installs but you get no error message.

2) <allowBrowserInvocation>true</allowBrowserInvocation> must be set in your air “*-app.xml” file, get this wrong and your Air app simply does not respond.

3) All of the air browser commands must be triggered from a direct user interaction, in a function called by a button or your init() function = OK, in a call back function from something like “getApplicationVersion” or a web service = Nope, get this wrong and your functions such as “launchApplication” are just ignored.

…nuff said

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