Prepping for Lotusphere 2011 ten things -Part 2

I was going to blog 10 things to do at lotusphere but frankly the best guide for lotusphere is here at Andy’s House O’ Blog, so am going to find and shake the hands of at least 10 types of people instead, these will include:

1) A Community Leader e.g. Bruce Elgort / Paul Moony / Warren Elsmore

2) A Xpage Guru e.g. Matt white / Steve Castledine / Tim Clark / Tim Tripcony / David Leedy

3) A founder e.g. “The Turtle” / Ben Langhinrichs

4) A symphony Guru e.g. John Head / Paul Bastide

5) A Party Animal e.g. Bill Buchan / “the Bob”

6) A First Timer (also introduce this person to one someone else)

7) A Java Guru e.g. Mikkel Heisterberg / Julian Robichaux / Bob Balaban (if he was going)

8) A Celebraty e.g Ed Brill / Vowe

9) A Connections Guru e.g. Clayton Coleman / Chris Lamb

10) A Blogger (who you actually read) and make a comment on at least one thing they have written

Old Comments

Mark Myers(05/01/2011 09:29:15 GMT)

@craig good call

Mark Myers(05/01/2011 15:23:16 GMT)

@Bill, ha!!!, your mild == everyone else’s wild

Craig Wiseman(04/01/2011 22:54:54 GMT)

11?) Find Ed Brill, Maureen Leland, Mary Beth Raven, Darren Adams, Susan Bulloch, Steve Castledine, Andre Guirard or any of the other wonderful IBMers and tell ’em thanks for fighting the good fight!

Bill(05/01/2011 13:36:24 GMT)

Me ? Party Animal ? Those days are gone..

—* Mild Bill

Barry(06/02/2011 01:18:04 GMT)

I was #6 (Met at dinner @ Flying Fish)

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