Lotusphere round up

Like most people I think a basic brain dump is the order of the day for lotusphere 2011

It was the hardest lotusphere I have been to work wise, I did not get half of what I was due to finish….er..finished.

Lotus idol, a fantastic opportunity for me and a bonus for LDC, one I was grateful to have been given, though personally I think the session proposed by Peter Presnell would have given more to the community.

Numbers up on last year, but hardly any time wasting, even at parties, there was much heads together stuff, card exchanging, serious conversation and plan making

Bill Buchan has been much maligned over the years and is a very easy room mate once you get over the fact he only needs about 2 hours sleep per night (party till 4.30am, up at about 7.00am)

I spent some time with the Nokia boys and admired both the hardware of the new phone and the idea if combining the power of C++ with what looked to me like a graphical library that feels strangely like flash animation (tweening and what not), however I found my self discarding it in the face of android and iphone, later on I expressed this opinion and the expressions of vague disgust on the faces of a couple of colleges forced me to re-evaluate the stance (yet another reason to work in a community), but is this how people think when they compare notes and other platforms? you take the shiny popular one? bearing that in mind I think the largest challenge for lotus in the future will be not technology base, but the re-branding and coping with the poor lotus brand perception without ditching what I personally have found to be the best tech community.

The LDC T-shirts went down well, will have to maintain the same standard next year

think that’s it, everything else has been said by everybody else

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Mark Myers(06/02/2011 11:46:06 GMT)

@nathan, our pleasure, as i mentioned to a few of your colleges it was great that after GBS made such an investment in this LS that numbers were up and people were much more positive than last year, a good sign, a good omen for the future

Nathan T Freeman(06/02/2011 02:07:59 GMT)

For the record, the LDC shirts were OUTSTANDING. Thank you so much for mine!

Keith Brooks(06/02/2011 03:14:40 GMT)

Dang, I didn’t get one.
Sorry I missed your idol session, no one told me you won it.

Mark Myers(06/02/2011 11:52:53 GMT)

@keith no worries, well get you one

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